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New Mexico Embraces Dental Innovation: Galileus Cerclage Sinus® Pioneering Excellence in Padua, Italy

Discover a revolutionary dental experience in the enchanting city of Padua, Italy, as residents of New Mexico gain access to the groundbreaking Galileus Cerclage Sinus® surgical technique. This cutting-edge approach is set to redefine smiles and establish new standards for dental excellence.

The Galileus Cerclage Sinus® Advantage

Residents of New Mexico can now benefit from an innovative dental solution that surpasses conventional methods. The Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique stands out for its personalized approach, catering to the needs of atrophic patients while providing a superior alternative for those with existing bone. By eliminating the need for traditional bone grafts, this revolutionary procedure offers an appealing choice for individuals seeking both aesthetic and functional superiority.

Aesthetic Brilliance and Functional Mastery

The circular ceramic design of Galileus Cerclage Sinus® ensures not only an aesthetically pleasing result but also guarantees comprehensive and efficient chewing with all posterior molar dental elements. This unique feature distinguishes it from traditional approaches like All-on-4 and All-on-6, presenting New Mexico residents with a dental experience that is genuinely transformative.

Professor Roberto Conte: Mastering Dental Expertise

At the forefront of this dental revolution is Professor Roberto Conte, an esteemed expert in the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to crafting personalized smiles, Professor Conte extends a warm welcome to residents of New Mexico, inviting them to experience a level of dental expertise that transcends conventional boundaries.

A Journey into Italian Dental Excellence

A visit to our clinic in Padua is more than just a dental appointment; it’s an immersive cultural experience. New Mexico residents can anticipate a seamless blend of ancient traditions and modern dentistry, creating an atmosphere where every visit becomes a unique journey toward a radiant and confident smile.

Commence Your Smile Transformation Today

Your smile is our top priority, and we extend an invitation to residents of New Mexico to connect with us on WhatsApp at +39 3887527525. Embark on your journey toward optimal dental health, as Padua, Italy, promises an experience that goes beyond traditional dentistry, opening the door to a new era of dental excellence with Galileus Cerclage Sinus®.

“Advanced Dental Implant Solutions in Italy: Personalized Care for Optimal Aesthetics and Functionality”

“It is very simple to come to us in Italy to fix your teeth. As you have seen, we have all the techniques available for every condition. Additionally, exclusively with a registered trademark, we offer our services to the most demanding patients who are not satisfied with traditional surgeries, such as the classic all on 4 or all on 6 procedures with fixed prosthetics like Toronto bridges, which are often uniform and lack aesthetic consideration.

At our center, apart from avoiding bone grafts and significant lifts of the maxillary sinuses, if you are atrophic patients with a severe lack of posterior maxillary bone, you can undergo surgery, achieve functionality, and receive a custom-made fixed ceramic dental prosthesis with 14 teeth. In the end, you’ll have a highly aesthetic result without false gums, crafted from the anatomical foundations of your mouth and your studied physiognomy.

This technique is suitable for all patients, even those without bone problems. The surgical technique of Galileus Cerclage Sinus® is also well-suited for these patients, who will undergo immediate-load implant surgery. We will handcraft for them a beautiful provisional dental prosthesis initially, and after 6 months, a definitive one, both custom-made without false gums, ensuring a highly aesthetic and functional result for the delight of all patients who will remain satisfied at 110 x 100.

For information, consultations, and appointments, send a message via WhatsApp, and we will take care of everything. We respond within 24 hours. If you decide to come to Italy, specifically to Padua, for surgery at our specialized implant center, a reference internationally for all patients with any diagnosis, and for those coming from implant failures and implant falls, don’t worry. We will organize everything from travel to accommodation, visits, and procedures. A shuttle will pick you up and take you to the airport, and a native English-speaking interpreter will accompany and support you throughout your visit.”

“If you have an overview, please send it through our form or via email to”


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