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“Pterygoid Zygomatic Implant Surgery.”

“Zygomatic Quad Implants vs. Pterygoid Zygomatic Implants – Differences in Prosthetic Design and Surgical Approach”

The distinction between zygomatic quad implants and pterygoid zygomatic implants lies in their prosthetic design and surgical approach, each tailored to address specific patient needs:

Zygomatic Quad Implants:

  • Prosthetic Design: Zygomatic quad implants typically support a frontal prosthesis covering 50% of the chewing function without molars, utilizing only two zygomatic implants in the front.
  • Surgical Approach: Zygomatic quad implants do not require grafting in the zygomatic region, resulting in less frontal bulk due to the placement of only two zygomatic implants. This approach offers improved aesthetics and masticatory function, especially in the anterior region.

Pterygoid Zygomatic Implants:

  • Prosthetic Design: Pterygoid zygomatic implants involve the placement of two zygomatic implants in the front and two posterior pterygoid implants to support a full arch prosthesis with 14 teeth, providing both frontal and posterior chewing function.
  • Surgical Approach: Unlike zygomatic quad implants, pterygoid zygomatic implants require implants in both the zygomatic and pterygoid bones. This technique offers comprehensive masticatory support with a full arch prosthesis while bypassing the need for grafts in the zygomatic region.

In summary, zygomatic quad implants focus on frontal prosthetic restoration with two zygomatic implants, providing improved aesthetics and function with less frontal bulk. Conversely, pterygoid zygomatic implants offer a comprehensive solution with implants in both the zygomatic and pterygoid bones, supporting a full arch prosthesis for both frontal and posterior chewing function without the need for grafting in the zygomatic region.

Patients should consult with their dental professionals to determine the most suitable implant technique based on their individual needs, considering factors such as aesthetics, chewing function, and surgical requirements.

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