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Patrizio Marcato Master Craftsman Prosthetist Made in Italy

In the evocative setting of the Congress Center at the Padua Fair, on October 23, 2023, the Award Ceremony took place in Padua, where the authorities of the Veneto region honored Patrizio Marcato by conferring upon him the prestigious title of Master Artisan Prosthodontist.


Welcome to the page dedicated to our Master Craftsman Prosthetist, an expert artisan committed to creating custom circular ceramic prostheses. With over [specify years of experience] of experience in the dental technology sector, the Master Craftsman stands out for his skill and dedication in the art of prosthetics.

Services Offered:

  • Custom Circular Ceramic Prostheses: Each prosthesis is tailor-made, taking into account the individual needs of each patient to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.
  • Aesthetic Design: The Master Craftsman is adept at creating prostheses with accurate aesthetic design, aiming to restore a natural and harmonious smile.
  • High-Quality Materials: By using only high-quality materials, circular ceramic prostheses offer exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Personalized Collaboration: Every stage of the creation process is characterized by close collaboration with the patient and the dental team to ensure satisfactory results.

Why Choose Our Prostheses:

  • Craftsmanship Experience: The Master Craftsman upholds a tradition of craftsmanship excellence, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Customization: Each prosthesis is a unique work of art, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the patient.
  • Innovation: By employing the latest technologies and innovative approaches, circular ceramic prostheses offer modern and reliable solutions.

Explore the world of artisanal prosthetics with our Master Craftsman Prosthetist. To book a consultation or for further information, contact us at  or send us a message via WhatsApp at  +393887527525.  Your beauty and well-being are at the core of our art.

“Master Craftsmen of Veneto”: Tribute to Excellent Figures Guardians of Tradition and Art

In the enchanting setting of the Congress Center of the Padua Fair, on October 23, 2023, a moving ceremony dedicated to the recognition of excellence in Venetian craftsmanship took place. The event saw the awarding of 342 new “Master Craftsmen,” authentic custodians of a unique knowledge passed down through generations. Roberto Marcato, regional assessor for economic development and energy, explained the importance of dedicating a special ceremony to confer the title of “Master Craftsman” to 342 professionals. In a context where craftsmanship faces challenges and the presence of artisans has decreased compared to the past, this recognition takes on an even deeper meaning.

Among the figures honored with this prestigious recognition stands out Patrizio Marcato, a prosthetics artisan with over 40 years of experience. His mastery in the art of creating prosthetic artifacts and his dedication to passing on skills to new generations have made him a reference point in Venetian craftsmanship.

The ceremony, attended by the presidents of artisan associations and the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, highlighted the importance of supporting generational turnover and the transmission of skills. The title of “Master Craftsman” was conferred through a regional law in 2018, emphasizing the crucial value of artisans in weaving experience and tradition with art.

Marcato, among the awarded protagonists of the event, has become a symbol of Venetian craftsmanship rich in history and expertise. This award ceremony was a significant moment to highlight the unique contribution of figures like Patrizio Marcato in the local craftsmanship.

His call to young people, urging them to fall in love with artisanal crafts, resonates as an invitation to preserve and value the heritage of tradition and artisanal skills. In a period where craftsmanship faces challenges and changes, the event has contributed to highlighting the importance of these figures in ensuring a vibrant and exciting future for Venetian craftsmanship.

The title of “Master Craftsman” is an honor conferred by the Veneto Region, established in 2018 through a specific regional law. This initiative aims to emphasize the importance and richness of artisanal knowledge passed down through time. The law also introduced funding for internships at the “Master’s School Workshops,” thus promoting generational turnover and the passion of young people for artisanal crafts.

Patrizio Marcato, among the protagonists of this award, has distinguished himself not only for his extraordinary mastery in creating prosthetic artifacts but also for his ability to transmit his valuable knowledge to new generations. His dedication and expertise in the field have made him a reference point in the Venetian artisanal panorama.

Press Release: An Extraordinary Craftsman with Over 45 Years of Excellence in the World of Dental Prosthetics


The Specialist Center in Padua is pleased to introduce a true master craftsman, Patrizio Marcato, with over 45 years of experience in the field of dental prosthetics. The recognition ceremony took place on [Date] at the Congress Center of the Padua Fair, where Marcato was honored for his extraordinary dedication to the art of crafting custom smiles.

The event was attended by eminent personalities in the dental industry, with Prof. Roberto Conte, an internationally renowned surgeon, praising his 42-year collaboration with Marcato. The ceremony was presided over by the Regional Councilor for Economic Development and Energy, Roberto Marcato, who emphasized the importance of celebrating figures like Marcato in the Veneto craftsmanship landscape.

Patrizio Marcato has distinguished himself not only for his extraordinary skill in crafting dental prosthetics but also for his ability to pass on his valuable knowledge to new generations. His dedication and expertise have made him a reference point in Veneto craftsmanship.

The unique collaboration between Prof. Roberto Conte and Patrizio Marcato has produced extraordinary smiles, successfully tackling complex and atrophic cases that require unparalleled craftsmanship. Their communion during the initial visits has become a guarantee of success for patients seeking excellent implant-prosthetic solutions.

In a time when craftsmanship faces challenges and changes, the long and fruitful collaboration between Conte and Marcato has become a shining example of how passion, experience, and humility can create extraordinary results in the field of dental prosthetics.

The Italian Master Craftsman Prosthetist, Patrizio Marcato, has crafted some extraordinary implant-prosthetic works for the prosthetic part. The uniqueness of these interventions lies in the fact that patients had severe atrophy in the posterior areas of the upper jaw. Despite this challenge, thanks to the surgery performed by Professor Roberto Conte, genuine masterpieces have been achieved. The remarkable aspect of these results is so astonishing that, without the aid of videos and photos, it would be hard to believe that such successes were attained in patients with a complete absence of alveolar bone in the posterior part of the upper jaw.

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